Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Final Details

Wow! This weekend was super busy. First off I do not make my living on this blog so I do have a full time job and part of that job is "on-call". One week every month I have the honor of carrying a phone and if something breaks while I have the phone I have to go in and try to fix it. Most of the time it works out and I get the machine running again. Anyhow, I was on-call this weekend, thankfully nothing critical broke.

Image result for three legged camping stool
We had to go shopping for the last few things that we need for the Whitehorse trip. We are getting close to the deadline and it still feels like we have miles to go to get ready. I did manage to get my tent seam sealed and waterproofed. I checked both our sleeping pads for leaks (none) and added some small items to the chuck box. (I will try to get a video posted after the trip about it). I also managed to get the sleeping bags packed and ready, the tent packed smaller and found our camp stools. They are surprisingly comfortable and very compact.

So, while on this trip we are trying something new, I mean other then driving for 4000 km. We are going to try out some freezer bag cooking. If you have been into a camping store in the last few years you will have noticed a section of freeze dried meals. FBC is the same idea just home made. So, healthier and tastier (I hope). Anyhow, tonight after supper we are going to be putting meals together for the trip. Just a few for this trip as we will have almost no weight restriction we can take a cooler with frozen steaks too. When we go on our PEI trip we will need a lot of light, tasty, filling food that hopefully doesn't take up too much room. So this will be a dry run so to speak.

I still need to get an oil change done, rotate the tires and wash our trusty chariot. I also need to figure out how to charge camera batteries with out power but, we will have to figure that out later. Too late for this trip I fear.