Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weekly Post

Image result for alix albertaIt's the August long weekend! We are in Alix, Alberta population of 830 (2011). There is a beautiful little lake and of course, my folks. We try to come up here at least once a month to spend some much needed time with my family  and to get away from the normal rut that seems to creep into our lives.

We spent some time in Red Deer yesterday looking to purchase a new GPS. Apparently no-one in Red Deer sells any of the "entry models" that I am willing to pay for. I did find a few that were well over my budget of $200. I even found one that was close to $1000!

Why do I want a GPS you ask? Well, to get back into geocaching. Many years ago we found a nice Magellan Color GPS and started caching it served us well until someone broke into my truck and stole the unit. They left the change in the ashtray but got the GPS and my air freshener. I don't get that one either. Anyhow, we stopped caching for a bit but eventually tried again with a smart phone. It works but it's no where near accurate enough. The phone gets us into the right area but when you are hunting for a small container you need to be with in a few feet. So, we haven't really done any caching for a couple years. Now with a couple big trips coming up in the next couple years I think it would be kinda neat to find a few caches not in Alberta.

We also stopped by an outdoor store that I have never gone into before; Atmosphere. They seem to have about the same selection as MEC but the prices seem to be a bit cheaper. Which I found a bit odd. They gave me 10% off my first purchase and a coupon for 10% off in the next month. Also I am supposed to be getting another coupon e-mailed to me in a month. So, just by giving them my e-mail address I get 30% off of purchases.

I'm going to let you get back to living your lives and I will talk to you next week.